Setting Up Resolutions, 2019.

This is about searching back youth, building confidence and have trust in the future. This is a map drawn into the future, paving ways towards what we hope to achieve this year and the years that follow. This is about not giving up on dreams and making sure that we live each day, purposefully and excitingly. This is me trying.

The first week of the year, it is a good time to lay down the ground rules and goals.

(A) On Work.

It takes conscious effort to stay committed to finding thrill in every working day, every ounce of energy to make sure things get done the way it should, aiming for something close to perfection, putting your heart and soul into becoming better today than yesterday, and this year than the year before.

Leaving excuses behind, however easily we lament about ‘Oh, this is nothing like my dream job!’, or ‘This was a job I held on because I had no choice to’, or ‘I had never wanted to walk down this path’, we leave it behind.

Here we are, for the days forward that we’ll have to face, at least let yourself be on your side, invite excitement in and chase boredom out. You might find new emotions associated with working (or improving at what you do).

” Do what you have to until you can do whatever you want to do.” – Oprah Winfrey

And before you can do whatever you want to, knowing that you have to do what you have to do, might as well, take in the scenery and enjoy the ride.

(B) Hobby and Passion.

This is tricky. A few years ago, I had no hobby to call my own, no dreamy passion to chase after, and I was ‘happy’ adopting a passive attitude and let the free time just breeze by. I didn’t particularly enjoy doing anything, and searching for one that is was hard. So i let it slide.

Today I have a full list of hobbies I’d like to venture, passions that I’d like to pursue. Yet it could come as overwhelming, given time as a constraint and energy as a limited resource. Maximizing the output (your happiness and achieving some form of success set by yourself) will be the goal. So i had it filtered down to a few.

  1. Journalling and Writing.

    When I write, it feels like I am in another world. I enjoy the peace and serenity that comes along with penning down fleeting thoughts and keeping a record on my life. Because of writing, I had started living more consciously, feeling emotions a little deeper, and seeing things that I’ve never noticed before. So I’ll keep writing, and this year, I’ll want to work on improving my language ability and writing skills. Complete a course on writing, read more books, write more stuff and enjoy!

  2. Photography.

    This is something new to me. A rather reckless decision to splurge on a camera, I’d want to make sure I am getting money worth out of this by learning how to use it and using it well. I have no idea what the best combination of iso-shutterspeed-aperture is for every situation, or how the pictures will come out when I take them, or whether I’d lose the moment in between while I change the settings and adopting the trial-and-error method, but I think it doesn’t matter just yet. I’ll go in as a beginner, take lots of shots, wreck up the settings, and then learn from there. Anyhow, I reckon it’ll be so much fun!

  3. Health and fitness.

    This is not so much a passion, but rather, an intentional act of treating myself better so i can feel better at any moment. Exercising sufficiently and eating healthier options (most of the time) to keep the mind sharp, the health in mint condition, and keeping sickness at bay to have more time for enjoyment. This is for the others.

  4. Reading.

    Last year, I fell short of this goal. This year, I’m setting the same benchmark, 40 books for a year, averaging 3.33 books a month. It’ll be challenging (my best record was 28), but then heck excuses. I’m determined to start with the right mindset- by believing that I can do it.  And I’ve already started on my first book, so yes let’s keep the momentum going!

  5. Blogging.

    Last year, somehow I’ve started this blog. It was something that I had always wanted to do but then procrastinated for later (which the later didn’t come until October last year). I gave a lot of thoughts into how I want my first post to look like, pouring in hours to just write sentences and then delete it after, and also choosing a fancy picture so it’ll feel, well fancy. The thrill was definitely there – the first post, and then the second and then the third and all that follows. It feels like I have something to call my own. And then somewhere along the path, I thought it’ll be so much more meaningful if I’ll put in pictures that I’ve taken myself (however unfanciful it is). I’ve done that ever since the fourth post and I’ll want it to continue. My direction to take? It’ll be a writing journey, sprinkled with a whole lot of sincerity.

This is me trying. To wake up with excitement every day, to work hard on dreams and make them come true, to stay true to myself along the ups and downs, and to fight hard, stand tall and never give up hope.

Life’s an interesting journey, only for those who try. More than just resolutions, they are now our pathways onto chasing dreams and hunting down passions. This year will be good to us, it’ll be fun, so hop on the ride! Thank you for reading! 🙂

Re-assessing My Resolutions, For 2018.

We start every year with a blueprint in hand, resolutions we drafted out hoping that a year later, we’ll be exactly that, scoring high on achievements and ticking bucket list items off the list. Truthfully, resolutions often fail – mine does. It might be because we focused on starting the year right more so than ending it right. Or maybe whatever motivation and drive we had at the start was depleted along the way, leaving none to boost the final lap of the run. Or maybe we doze off in the middle of the long year marathon, waking up near the finishing line and then realizing we don’t have time to achieve all that, and then leaving those goals from the previous year for the next year to come (If we remember what they were). Recycling goals, another way to put it.

Nonetheless, writing down resolutions does come useful, I often believe so. Coming up with resolutions and writing them down increases the probability of actually doing them. We are more likely to attempt to achieve goals when we put them down to pen and paper, in black and white. I found that reviewing goals at the end of the year is particularly helpful going forward. From where you had started, to where you were at the end of the year, towards where you want to be, keeping track of all of them will give you a better idea on the pace you’re going at, and the amount of effort you’re putting in. It is perfectly okay to abandon a goal if you no longer feel excited about it, however long you had worked on it. The kind of goals you’re setting for yourself, you want those that will keep you up at night and pull you off the bed in the morning. Those that will constantly take your breath away, fill your heart with nervousness and excitement just thinking about doing them, and finally feeling so much alive when doing them. It doesn’t matter even if they don’t stay the same.

I had a list written and chucked somewhere titled ‘Resolutions of 2018’, once written with exhilaration, now looking torn and tattered like it had been through tough times. Tough times, this year, yeah totally I get you.

The first line reads: “If you stand for nothing, then what do you fall for?”

And then the words ‘Resolutions for 2018’ stood larger and bolder than all others. And the short list starts:

  1. Get a real job after graduation. *****
  2. Journalling (To maintain a daily journal, into the third year. Best decision to start in 2016, not stopping any sooner!)
  3. Work out consistently, at least 3 days per week.
  4. Complete and obtain the certificate for the course I’m working on.
  5. Read 40 books

Overall, I had an eventful year, accomplishing most of those written down. In particular, I had a taste of ‘adulthood’, finally obtaining an official job and coming home exhausted every day after. A far cry from expectations I’ve now realized. Still, because of this opportunity, it opened up my world to so much more – new friends and colleagues, fresh challenges, hands-on experiences, and the kind of knowledge that textbooks never could have taught.

I had so much fun with journalling and writing down life’s journey. From one journal, I expanded to a number of them, specializing in different areas of my life. ‘Posts’ for pictures; ‘Books’, on a list of books to read, and also those already read; ‘Workout Journal’ to track exercises, ‘Quotes’ for saving up a library of motivating thoughts and sayings, and also ‘The Daily Archive’ for daily journaling. I have a few other journals as well, mostly for the likes of mine but nonetheless redundant, I keep all of them updated mostly in the mornings while commuting, and also at nights just moments before I sleep. (I use Day One App for all that.)

Listening to my body, I consistently clocked in workouts depending on how I was feeling on that day. Sometimes I’m running, sometimes I’m hula hooping, other times I’m enjoying a short session of relaxing yoga. It was much easier getting workouts done this way. Not every session needs to be tough and sweaty, and not every session needs to get you muscle ache the next day. You do it, for your body, your way.

I’ve completed the foundations of the course I’ve started, thereby receiving the certificate but that was just the beginning steps. Going forward, there’ll be more papers to clear, more to learn, more to delve deeper into. That’ll be built upon in the coming years.

Reading 40 books within this year was a goal that was thinly stretched. Last year, i barely hovered at 20. I was overly ambitious setting this goal, and actually starting out really well in the first month, but then the numbers dwindled especially after i started working. I failed miserably on this resolution this year, somehow aiming for the moon and not landing amongst the stars, but that won’t be the last of it. I’ll try again next year.

“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

That was my resolution of 2018 and what I’ve come to accomplished. How was your year and what will you want to achieve in 2019?

Thank you for reading. (: