Life is confusing; It is intriguing. It is beautiful.

Life has a strange rhythm; It has the oddest concoctions that stayed as a mystery waiting to be solved. In the most amazing way, if we were ever present enough to realize, we find interesting potions of happiness mixed with anxiety, sadness stirred in hope, and exhilaration that ends with emptiness. Once in a while, coincidences that happen amazes us, or fate that entwines some people together surprises us. In many whiles, lessons are taught in the most unexpected situations, battles are won with the greatest loss, and in despair, we find the side we never thought we have in us to fight on. At every turn, we are presented with a whole new side of the world, sights we never knew existed. But it has the strangest rhythm, you’d never anticipate things that’ll come next. Not entirely. 

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. It throws you off track, invites you to get grumpy over foiled plans, but also provide an alternative of unexpected scenic views and an adventurous ride – only if you look up. Maybe sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow. Or maybe not but that is up to you. Riding the waves can be fun, but so can running against the wind. Sugar can get you adrenaline rush, but the bitterness of the coffee can equally perk you up. While new purchases can bring you excitement, the old stuff can give you solace. While you can party whole night and jump with the crowd, you can also bask in the moonlight and enjoy the serenity it encompasses. Really, it’s all about what makes you feel alive and doing exactly so.

Life’s very much like a picture; Just sometimes you get a better picture if you stay out of the picture. Sometimes the more you try to squeeze yourself into the frame that is already full, you get caught in the commotion and miss the opportunity to flash your greatest smile. But if the picture’s a little empty, fill it with your presence and make sure it comes out great!

Life’s more like fiction than a non-fiction book. Non-fiction books go chapter to chapter discussing different topics; There is no rule that says you must read in order. It gets brutal sometimes. You can be told in chapter 2 that if you’re not doing this then you’re failing in life. In chapter 20, it’ll still be the same: You fail if you’re not this or that. In fiction books it’s different. It is all about the characters we are introduced in chapter one, the invitation to venture along with them and see how they’ll come to rise above setbacks. It is all about story progression and lessons learned out of it. Reading and delving into the book like we are part of the story, it gets personal. And in chapter 2 even if we fail, it doesn’t matter. If it does, it brings the strength in us to fight harder and become who we will be in chapter 20. It is always about progression and the journey in and of it itself. 

Life is more than what we see. However high the man-made buildings are, the sky’s higher. However wide our visions are, the horizon’s wider. However deep we fall into the depths of despair, the sea’s deeper. In times of need, nature will always a good reminder of what life is, of the time we have, of the scale we are. Seek opportunities to view the sky, find time to soak in the midst of nature, search for joy and gratitude from within. 

It’s about being present. It’s the first step toward everything else. And when we do, when we get present in the present, when we finally open our eyes to the world, there are many things that could turn bad days around. These are some of those I’ve slowly learned to be grateful for:

Sometimes its the traffic that flows in my favor, the train that arrives in the platform right on time.
Sometimes it’s the 5% battery life that amazingly lasted me through the journey back home.
Sometimes it’s the ‘Thank you’ that I say to people that garnered simple replies like ‘You’re Welcome’.
Sometimes it’s the rain that stops so I could then go through with my plan to go jogging.
Sometimes it’s the last bowl of noodle that they have and that I’ve bought. 
Sometimes it’s the song that played over the radio.
Sometimes it’s the peaceful night after a hectic day. 
Many times, it’s nothing fanciful; it’s simple. 
Many times, life can be simple. 

Life is confusing, mysterious, and intriguing. 
Life is sometimes also brutal, tough, and ridiculously unreasonable.
Life is sometimes also scenic, peaceful, and beautiful.
Life is beating on an erratic heartbeat. 
But always know that it’s beating for you.