My Journey With Writing.

When i first started writing, i wasn’t regularly doing it. On some days, the urge to write down how i feel won the battle over laziness. Others, the latter took over. That was the reason why, at the start of this journey, i had blank pages for days before having another entry. It wasn’t supposed to be easy, but it’ll be worth it. I hung on those words to ‘just try one more time’. And i was thankful i did. The mentality to try just one more time, after numerous failures, led to one big final success. Till this day, as i’ve numbered my days in hope to see how far i’ve come, i am writing my Day 995 today.

Now i write almost about anything in my journal. Settling down on journalling with ‘Day One’, the experience with it has been absolute. As flexibility and functionality blends in the app, thoughts and emotions gets spread onto those white blank pages like butter on bread.

A few ideas to kickstart your habit of journalling today:

– Search deeply and write down what made your day special today.

– Thoughts that bugged you throughout the day, to keep it in the pocket and out of your mind.

– Some planning for the next day, introduce a little excitement before you sleep tonight.

You don’t have to know where your final destination is; Sometimes you just have to trust the process that by doing so, it’ll lead you somewhere.

Cheering for you, wherever you reside, whatever you choose to put your time and energy into. Thank you for reading.

How It Happened, My First Step Towards Journalling.

I had it written down somewhere, 16 April 2014. Nudged by unsettling nerves which eventually settled, I celebrated an occasion on rising above the mostly imagined insurmountable waves – by writing it down. I overcame a public speaking presentation for a mandatory course in my first year of university. Story short, I thought the worst out of the situation but the event unfolded rather positively. I wanted it to be a constant reminder that most of my worries are the product of my imaginations running wild, to snap myself out of the fictional bubble I enclose myself in if the need arises. As far as human minds go, I realized that this concept never sticks: “Most of our worries never happen. ” It could be in human’s nature to have the tendency to worry even if we knew the odds, even if the odds play favorably for us. Therefore, as an attempt to hack the mind, I wanted to safe-keep a personal victorious scene somewhere, in case the mind starts going bonkers and stand against myself (so much for loyalty).

That was my starting point. That was my trigger, my memorable first baby steps into journaling.

Fortunately and unfortunately, just like any other interest, it is easier to start something than to maintain it. A flicker of fire sparks the light in us, but a simple unintended overlook might extinguish the flame that once burned so bright. As far as I see it, the good side is, if you’re sticking with it even after failing a couple of times, that’s a pretty good hint that it might be what you’re searching high and low for; You might have just stumbled upon your passion that you actively seek. Just like the story of the red thread of fate, just like how god ties an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet, just like how cords can be pulled and tangled but never broken, you’ll find your passion just like how you’ll meet your persons.

My first baby steps into journaling had its own setbacks, frequently restarting me back at zero. But ultimately, it has evolved slowly but steadily, from baby steps to giant strides.

That’s my story. What’s yours?