Learning The Beauty of Action Over Perfection.

On some days when we wake, we know the day’s going to be great. We stretch long, on our bed with pillows and plushies that were messily tossed around on the sides. Our eyes squint when we find our first sight to the morning sun light. The traffic flows for us, the lift waits for us, the coffee pot brewing and calling for us. We know it’ll be a beautiful day right from the start.

On other days, we barely forced ourselves off the bed. Skipping the stretches and hardly noticing the clear beautiful sky, we throw on random pieces of clothing that was causally laid around, rushing out of our home praying we didn’t miss anything when we left. We knew it’ll be hard right from the start.

On some days we set to strive; On others, we try to put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. But that was part of deal we’ve made with life, we knew it since day one. We knew we won’t be getting just only the good stuffs and we knew perfection don’t exist since day one. But of course, that didn’t stop us from trying to achieve the impossible. After all, we were taught, in this era that nothing is impossible. There’s a charm to that, so we did what we had to: we tried, aiming for perfection each and every time, on good and bad days. We pretend sometimes, unknowingly falling deeper into the realms of despair, and then hating ourselves for it. All in the name of perfection that doesn’t exist – in people, in nature, in universe.

It’s a tricky thing actually. Pursuing perfection on great days, brought me further than i could normally have gone. It propelled me forward with a destination to arrive, within a time limit and a mission to accomplish. On days like that, it stood on my side. On others, i feared it. Having an image of perfection stopped me in my tracks, made me procrastinate, and then ended up barely a few inches forward from where i’ve started. Days like that, it stood against me and it got to me. It was most probably accurate that actions beat perfection, whether it is about making plans for the future, or working on a project, or writing per say.

It might be tough, especially to convince the stubborn parts of us, but maybe on days when we find it hard to bring close replicas of perfection onto the table, settling for ‘giving your best to the day’ and accepting for good enough, is the best approach that we can embrace.

Remember, it was the part of the deal we made with life. In response, we could smile big and embrace the imperfections, bring our versions of magnificence upon the existing flaws of life. Maybe we’ll live a life fuller, breathe a little deeper and appreciate the world a little better.

For the new week, you’ve got this! Good and bad days, we’ll get better at it. Thank you for reading!

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