The Influence Of A Dollar.

Small actions lead to huge achievements, a single step leads to a thousand miles, a dollar causes the most problems. This is the story i’ve learned from a short life experience with accounting: never dismiss that one dollar. It’ll come back to haunt you more than you’ll ever know.

With whatever short experiences i’ve garnered for the past few months, the journey thus far had been breathtaking – literally breath taking. It was a steep learning curve i’ve come to terms with, with mistakes made at every turn – which i later learned how to resolve and avoid committing them at all in the first place. With a fistful number of problems i’ve encountered, i come to realise that i’ve had the most issues with little nitty dollar that i dismissed rather casually and quickly. They’re shady – in the sense where they can hide better than huge numbers. “One dollar can be the hardest to track” – my boss once said, while we were going through the financial statements. How true it has come to be. We no longer think much of a dollar. But i happen to, with the work that i’ve come to do.

“One dollar causes the most problem”, i’ve said to myself over and over, trying to understand this concept in all possible perspectives. In relation to working with numbers, it’ll be like battling against the nosy mosquitos who couldn’t keep their beak-like mouth shut – it’s frustrating and irritating. Yet amidst the frustration brings a hope of glitter, knowing that as much as how little things can cause huge disturbances, little actions can cause monumental differences. What we have told ourselves about how we couldn’t make a difference in this vast world, or how a single kind act today wouldn’t change the world for the better, or what we do don’t matter, might stand on the foundation that is now heavily shaken. If a dollar can do something like that, what more can a mere human do? I suppose it’s more than what we think we could. We only need to convince our minds of that.

In work, it’s annoying. In life, it’s hope. Like most things, mentality’s a double-edged sword, powered by the thinking we choose to settle for.

Just an interesting story i thought i’d like to share.

(Image source: pexels)

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